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Why i don’t trust Rebecca: Reason #1394

She’s manipulative. Something in her voice, her mannerisms, and her facial expressions. She initiates body contact only when she wants something from Neal. She distances herself when he resists or when he is reluctant to divulge information. 

She was suspicious from the very start. A gorgeous, wide-smiled, bright-eyed, tall and slender bookworm - fine, it’s believable. But she’s acting too naive, too sincere, too eager. And her appearance at the FBI in search of Peter because she “remembered something” was fishy. 

You’d have to be a real idiot not to call in advance and book an appointment if you’re going to the FBI, especially if you know the agent’s name and his department. Who just walks in whenever like that? She could’ve easily picked up a phone or gone on the internet. And how is it believable that the FBfuckingI would have a small chiropractor-sized office in some midtown commercial building in NYC? with only three people - two agents and a secretary?!

Furthermore, when she and Neal became close, she became extremely nosy. All of their conversations end up being about the Codex by her doing. She asks way too many questions about it even for a book-obsessed nerd. Like, doesn’t she have OTHER friggin interests or elements about her life?! For seasoned criminals like Neal and Mozzi, I don’t understand why they’re not more cautious around her. She literally came out of nowhere and “coincidentally” came back for more when they were researching the Codex.

the second row of gifs, she was acting quite odd, too. Who the hell cares if the sketch is on the table? Why is that any of her business? Maybe Mozzi drew it and brought it over or Neal was just doodling. Why the hell would she walk over to it like it was some goddamn treasure chest they’ve been keeping from her and FLIP THE PAGES?! I’m sorry, since when was their property suddenly hers to open and peruse? And her “oooh, you guys have a plan for the window” made me cringe. AS IF THAT WAS NEWS TO HER. SHE KNEW THEY WERE WORKING ON IT. SHE JUST WANTED TO BUTT IN.

I don’t know. maybe i’m wrong. maybe she’s just an awkward actress and comes off suspicious because she can’t act. Or maybe she’s actually good and is supposed to make me uncomfortable.  Regardless, either she’s in cahoots with Hagen or she’s double crossing both of them. And if, in the end, she IS working for Hagen but ends up betraying him for her love for Neal, i’m going to pull my hair out. 

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